Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We've been robbed!

I left the garage door open over night after taking the garbage out on Monday night like I always do. I saw that it was open Tuesday morning and shut it. When I went out to the shop on Wednesday afternoon to do some work I noticed that my brand new 18v cordless tool set that Chris gave me for Christmas was missing. The more I looked I also noticed that all but one of my Senco air guns were gone as well as all my sanders, corded drill, and my new miter saw that Chris got me last christmas. Needless to say I was distraught. I could barely see straight I was so mad! How could someone walk into my garage at night and just help themselves to my personal property. This is the 2nd time this has happend. Halloween 2002 I left the door open and someone walked off with a sawsall and 2 nail guns and a tool bag. It wasn't enough to claim on my insurance so I didn't report it. This time I called the cops and the insurance company. The police were nice but not much help. I needed to call them to get a report filed. My insurance has a $500 deductable and the value of the tools was just over $2000 so after appreciating the older tools they are going to pay me $1400. The good news is that I will probably be able to buy all new tools (the origianl ones were used). If I am good at finding everything on the internet then I might also be able to buy a couple of extra tools or upgrade some of them.

This still doesn't take the sting out of being robbed. I ordered a new automatic gate opener the other day and plan on installing it ASAP. I am also thinking about somehow tagging all my tools so they can be identified.

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