Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Halloween Preview

We are building 2 new projects this year for halloween. One is HUGE! The other is just a better version of what we had.

We decided this year to make scale models of what we were going to do so we weren't designing in full scale as we were building it. We wanted to know ahead of time how much the material was going to cost.

My first project was a new Mausoleum. I sketched out a drawing on paper of the new design and then built a little model out of foam core. We went with a more traditional crypt style. The back is open so we can rear-project the ghost onto a screen that will hang in the middle. The columns are not to scale (I just rolled up some printer paper).

Our big project this year is a large church facade for the front of the shop. I started out by making a scale model of the front of the shop. I then cut a bunch of 4x8 panels and then built it from a sketch we drew. It even has little plastic windows. It will take 25 4.x8 sheets of foam and over 100 8' 1x3's to build.

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