Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Start of FFNW

Chris drove down early to Champoeg park to meet Vern and Sue and drop off our "stuff". She came back home around 1am. We rented the U-Haul and loaded up the truck with our stuff. Thanks to Tony and Quin for helping me out. We were able to get everything we thought we would need in the littlest truck.

After we got unloaded Quin drove the truck back to Portland. Tony stuck around and helped us setup next to "Monkey Island'. Tim and I were having a bit of a race to see who could get setup first. It wasn't really fair since there were 3 of us and only him doing his stuff (oh, Mort was directing).

Once Jen finally showed up we set up her tent and headed home that night. Our plan was to bring some more stuff back with us on Friday including food for the day.

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