Friday, February 13, 2009

A transplanted Rose

You will never guess who moved to the Northwest! Seriously, I screamed at my desk when I found out what happened to one of our favorite yard haunts - ever!

Ms. Rose, the famous Rose Manor haunt. Winner of the 2005 Yard Haunt of the Year award!

I don't know all the details, but it appears her owners couldn't keep her and needed to find her a home. The lucky new owners are House Bloodthorn. They seem to appreciate their new found treasure and we are glad to see she is in good hands and not forgotten.

Check out their blog and find out about this great new haunt. If you like The Davis Graveyard, you are going to love this haunt. Jeff and I always have a hard time getting out and seeing other haunts, but we are going to have to make an exception this year and get ourselves out that way this October.

Join us in welcoming Rose to the Northwest (where we have the best yard haunts!) :)


Ghoulie Girls said...

Lucky you!! We're jealous ;)

House Bloodthorn said...

Thank you for the post about our new haunt. I look forward to it's future with us and hope to have you out to see it sometime soon. Keep up the great work on the Graveyard and thanks again.

All the best