Monday, February 09, 2009

We survived

The funny thing about us is that we can pull this whole yard display off and the many events that surround it without wanting to kill each other, at least not that we would say to each other. :)

But when it comes time to make the video, oh my goodness! I thought our marriage surviving a major (down to the studs) kitchen remodel would be the worst of it, oh, no, that was child's play.

So after about of month of back and forth and back again, we are very close to having the 2008 DVD done. We spent most of Saturday just working on the Easter Egg. A part we always love when we are done, but the making process is a big relationship tester. (check out 2008's Ode to Halloween - our adopted stray, I mean what else to you call a cat that shows up in October?)

I think this video is our best yet. The 2008 shows the yard from setup to take down (a very sad day indeed.) And the best part is that husband found a unique soundtrack.

I come home from work and he tells me that he has found something that I will love or absolutely hate. I love it. It is perfect. It is Christopher Walken reciting The Raven. What, I ask you could be better? (besides Vincent Prices version which is about 2 minutes longer and we were already at 8 minutes.)

I was as happy as can be. I told him that like he said, people will like it or hate it - can't please everyone. Check it out when you get a chance. Better yet, buy the DVD set from Propmaster when they become available later this month!!!

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