Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We have a Blog!

I started this blog to post updates of our home improvement projects we have been working on this summer. This is also where we will begin posting updates on our halloween this year.

For starters here is what we worked on this summer

  • Chiminy repair (tore down to roofline and rebuilt)
  • New roof on the house
  • Painted exterier of the house (removed storm windows)
  • New gutters installed
  • tore out driveway and repoured concrete
  • asphalt transition to driveway
  • tore out back half of shop floor and repoured
  • installed sewer line up driveway to shop

Here is what we have left to do.

  • install shop bathroom upstairs
  • wire outlets and lights on new circuts in shop
  • insulate and drywalled shop
  • Replace all double hung windows in house with new windows.

Oh, and we still have some halloween projects to get to.

Pictures to come.