Saturday, March 05, 2011

What have we be up too?

We've been hiding from view for the past 2 months.   We haven't been idle though.  We are involved in the upcoming HAuNTcon in Louisville, KY April 27-May 2nd at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.   We are also involved in the West Coast Haunters Convention WCHC in Salem May 13-15.    We have also volunteered to take over the Home Haunters DVD collection production so we have been collecting videos all winter and then putting together a set of DVD's for sale to all haunters which will get judged and awards given away in the Haunters Video Awards that we have run for the past few years.

We have 7 weeks to get ready for all the stuff we are doing at both events and get the DVD's mastered, duplicated, shipped, voted and awards given.

So we have been busy.