Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wedding Reception

Jeff's sister Jeannie and her long time guy Larry finally got married down at the courthouse and we held a reception for them at our place afterwards.

Congratulations Jeannie and Larry we wish you all the best.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Scotland 2010

So where have we been for most of November.  Well, after we quickly put the Halloween display away we packed for a 3 week trip to the UK.

We flew over on Tuesday the 9th and stayed in Edinburgh in a 2 bedroom flat with some friends for 3 nights.  Then we took a train to West Kilbride where we rented Law Castle with 5 other couples and a single person for a week.   We toured all over Scotland and did day trips to Glasgow and into West Kilbride which is on the west coast of Scotland.  The following week we traveled down to Penzance in the Southern tip of Cornwall England and stayed in a 2nd floor apartment overlooking the warf for a week.  We explored most of Cornwall from Land's End to Tintagel to Lizard to St. Austel.  We spent the next 4 nights in a small apartment on the river in Bath where we explored the city and took a tour out to the ancient sites and the cotswolds.  On our last day we took a train into Cardiff Bay and saw the Dr. Who exhibit and where Torchwood and Dr. Who scenes are filmed.
Hamish the famous highland cow- Callender

Law Castle - West Kilbride
Urquhart Castle - Loch Ness

Snow at Stonehenge
Dr. Who Exibit - Cardiff Wales

Warf Apartments - Penzance

Dr. Who Exibit - Land's End

One of many Coves - Cornwall

Cotswold Village

Cardiff Bay Wales

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Spiderfest 2010

Here are some final pictures of Chris' spider scene.

Our new prop TOT

We created a new prop this year we call TOT (trick-or-treater).    He hung around behind one of the mud men all month and then up by the gate on Halloween night.   We moved him out front for some photos before we took it all down.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween a big success again

This is one of the first performances of the dancers and the early crowd gathered for Halloween day.

Spider Tree

Chris asked her blog friends to send her spiders she could hang in the tree and create a little miss muffet scene she could photograph Halloween day.  Here are some photos of her setting up.  We also took some pictures of our graveyard dancers with the spiders.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moonlight photos

Took some photos in the moonlight since it was a full moon tonight.  I'm not all that good with night photography but I try.