Friday, November 06, 2009

Ghost effects in the display

It is often hard to photograph the ghost effects in the display for two reasons. One, it has to be dark to see the effects well but that makes taking pictures hard without a flash. And two if you use no flash the effect is blured when using long exposures.

So we solved the issue the night after halloween when we ran the effects one last time. We paused the video effects so we could photograph them. I think they came out nice.

New Effect this year

We added an new ghost effect of children walking in the graveyard. It turned out to be the simplest effect to do but had the biggest impact on all our visitors.
What we did was string a cable from the back of the house to the shop at about 9 feet high. We took 3 10x10 cotton black muslin photography backdrops and sewed them together and strung them along the cable like a curtain. We then filmed our friends kids in white doing stuff along the curtain. Then created a ghost video using the same techniques we always use. Then stuck a projector behind a tombstone at the same place we filmed from and projected it onto the curtain. We created six 5 foot long tube sandbags to hold the curtain down in the wind. We would bring the curtain out at night and setup the projector and just let it run. These photos were taken one night when we paused the projector.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

26th Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary by going out to our favorite restaurant Plainfields. The best indian food resturant in the area with Chef Craig Plainfield. We brought our bottle of 1999 Opus 1 for our special night and half way through the evening Craig offered to cut us a deal on another bottle he had in his huge cellar. We had a great time as always and enjoyed some great wine and the best indian food as always.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween a big success

We had the largest turnout ever for Halloween. The weather was great and it was a Saturday night. The Graveyard Dancers performed all night. We saw some of the biggest crowds we have ever seen.

A wedding in the graveyard

We had a young couple get married in the graveyard on Halloween. They contacted us a month ago and asked if it would be alright and of course we said yes. Just a short little ceremony with a few guest at 11am. They were done by 1pm in plenty of time for us to get ready for halloween.