Sunday, May 09, 2010

Second office finally started

After months of talking about it we finally began work on the 2nd office for Jeff. This will be his own office just for his stuff and the original office will be exclusively Chris'.

This is our current office with both of us in it.

The basement office was originally what we used as a craft and hobby area but was mostly ignored. We tore out the storage cabinet, ceiling tiles, light fixture and drywall on the walls including the door. Our plan is to install a new vinyl double pane window and a 32" pocket door. We will frame the concrete walls and finish it
with drywall and then put down new
vinyl tile and paint it all. We'll add
outlets and lighting and move the desk pieces from the office along with all of Jeff's stuff into the basement office where

Jeff will become a cellar dweller.

After tearing it out all day we took several trips to the dump. After doing a couple other things we were done for the weekend. Next up....get the vinyl tile removed.

Our long term goal is to add a 1/2 bathroom with a toilet and sink. And finish the area outside the office as a living space for wine drinking and music. We need to frame a dividing wall between the area and laundry and storage area.