Sunday, April 08, 2012

Funny thing happened today

I was in the shop working when I heard a strange sound out on the patio that I thought was a loud cat.  I walk out the side door and what do I see but a little kid who saw me and ran up the sidewalk and into the bushes behind the little garage.   We have new neighbors and that must have been their kid.  I thought it was funny and walked into the house.  When I came out later and walked towards the shop I could hear a little boy crying hysterically so I figured his parents punished him for going over into the neighbors yard.  But as I got closer to the little garage I could see he was in there throwing a tantrum.  So I walked towards him and asked if he was ok.  But I must have scared him even more so he crawled under a table in the back.  I walked in and tried to convince him it was ok but he wouldn't stop crying and screaming.  Just when I was wondering what I was going to do his dad came over and got his son out.  He apologized and said it was a weird way to meet his new neighbors.  He knew about our Halloween setup and I told him he has years to get his son used to us.

What a strange day that turned out to be.

Cleaning the shop

I worked in the shop a little this weekend.  Got my new band saw and drill press stand setup with an outlet.   I cleaned up the back area and put a lot of stuff away.  Still need to do a big clean but didn't have the energy this weekend.