Monday, July 31, 2006

Hey, Hal! I'm trying to take a picture

Is this my good side?

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The Davis Crypt

We almost have the mausoleum done. We painted all the panels and I set it up in the yard to get an idea of how it wil look. We still need to get the roof completed and painted and the doors painted. I need to install the screen for the video too.

Chris has a new favorite tool. The Sea Sponge Roller! Works great!


Our new tombstones are coming along. We finished painting the lettering and started the base coat of gray. We have some good epitaphs this year so people should get a kick out of reading them. We also did some different decor on the tombstones.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have been painting. I have set up a temporary booth in the shop for spraying exterial flat latex black paint on the mausoleum walls, tombstones (front and back) and of course the foam skulls. I also textured the columns and painted them with a coat of black too.

We invented Buck-Crete!

We wanted to put some skull faces in a small retaining wall near the new fence I installed (need to post about that). So we decided to pour cement into the skull molds. Guess what? They turned out great! Well, a little of trial and error did occur. We had to make a few mutants first. But the system seems to have worked its self out and now we can pour a pretty good cement head. We are going to use them for the candles in the patio too. We are going to put a few of them into a form for the retaining wall so the faces stick out.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Haven't posted an entry in a while but we have been busy. Here are a few pics of the Crypt in progress. You can see the concrete tubes for the colums. The big opening in the back is for the rear projection. We will hang a black screen in the middle. I still need to get the roof on and then we will finish marking off the stones. We will then take it apart and texture and paint the panels. We will reassble it in the yard for a final check before storing it until halloween.