Monday, October 24, 2005

Our Demon Skeleton

Mr. Reid, with a little help from Jeff, worked really hard this weekend to finish our demon skeleton that will go in the tree in the front of the yard. These pictures show the stance of the skeleton, the skull, and part of the wings. Looks like we will finish this one up just in time for our party!


Jeff & Chris said...

Chris you add a whole new level to our haunted yard!! Fantastic work!

Antipaladin said...

Except for the head, this guy wouldn't have been possible if not for Jeff. If all he'd done was lend an extra set of hands, he'd have merely been invaluable.
As it turned out, his structural engineering juju meshed beautifully with my flim-flam engineering bs, and we built something really solid.
I can't give Jeff big enough props for his help.
You rock, man.

Jeff & Chris said...

Ah, shucks. (red cheeks)