Friday, February 24, 2006

I am a animatronic programmer!

When we were at Hauntx one of the seminars we attended was about programming a simple Basic Stamp 8 channel controller using simple PBASIC commands. The company putting on the seminar is called ParallaxEFX and they gave away controllers at the end and Chris won one (which means I won one). I had to order a serial interface connector and a power supply which arrived today. After a few minutes of setup on the laptop I was able to write a 10 line program and get a servo to center itself slowly turn clockwise and then center again and then counter clockwise and repeat over and over. You can check it out on Their software is free. The boards only cost $35 and it is about 2" x 3". These were all the rage at the HauntX show as many Animatronic builders are using these guys to animate their props.


Antipaladin said...

I am an anagrammic blog-spammer!

Jeff & Chris said...

Pictures!? Where are the pictures?!