Sunday, March 19, 2006

We are itchy!

We spent all day putting up insulation. The upstairs is starting to look like a cave now. I am so glad we are doing this in March and not August! We wore long sleaves, gloves and facemasks.

We were able to get everyone to get their stuff out of the shop so it was completely empty while we worked.


Jeff & Chris said...

Things you only hear at the Davis House.....

Where is the head for the skeleton?

Don't bump the demon!

Where do the extra skulls go?

Can you help me put the head back on the skeleton?

Can we store the demon in here?

We can store the stone walls on the piano.

I found the missing piece for that other skeleton!

Is this big enough to keep?

Hand me that hammer so I can dismantle the witch’s bodies?

Where is the ghost?

Which ghost?

Maybe if you bend the arm back the other way it will come off easier.

What happened to the big caldron?

Do you think Goodwill will take these tombstones?

YamFu said...

To pull an arm off you first need to secure the body with your foot. Then get a good grip on the arm and pull hard. Now get a friend to chop it off with an axe. hee hee.

Antipaladin said...

double-ought buckshot's pretty good for limbs, too.

On the subject, though..
Things my four-year-old has said that would have mortified a mere mortal:

Lex: My daddy's building a demon.
Bystander: Really? What's he making it out of?
Lex: Bones. He got a new skelton from Chris and Jeff.
Bystander: ..ummm..
Lex: It's not a big skelton. Bigger than me, though.

Jeff & Chris said...

I am so proud of the way that you guys are raising Lex.....but besides the money that gets put away for's looking like you might want to put some in a seperate account for therapy.