Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Great Cathedral Setup weekend

So much for labor day weekend being a relaxing one! We all worked our butts off. The main goal was to completly setup the cathedral and take some pictures so we had some idea of what it was going to look like and how to set it up mid October.

The lumber for the scaffolding arrived Thursday. I built the uprights on Friday. Called Dad and asked him to come help me set them up on Saturday. He stuck around to install some of the panels. Jason stopped by and gave a hand for a while too. Dad eneded up staying until 6pm and then we called it a day.

Chris Reid gave a hand on Sunday and we were able to get the rest of the cathedral up except for the far left panel. Chris had to go to a picnic and we didn't have the time to figure out how to install it. We will just leave it for October.

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