Monday, October 16, 2006

We made it!

It was a long and tiring weekend. We got all the decorations up with just a few details to finish this week.

Saturday we started at 8:30am and had the help of Chris, Jason, Jen, Nick, Marci, Jeannie and my Dad. We went until about 8pm. We were able to get the Cathedral up and all the yard display setup.

Sunday with the rain we were slowed down but had the help of Nick, Marci and Jen. We were still able to finish almost all the details including getting all the LED lighting wired (thanks Nick!). We were able to test the video projectors and sound. We are so pleased with how great things look this year and are VERY greatful for everyone that helped us out with this crazy idea of ours.

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Antipaladin said...

You can't see it because of the angle and the lighting, but I did that one part. No, really- you can ask my Canadian girlfriend.
Pretty cool, huh?