Sunday, March 25, 2007

We have new members of our family

I had spent the past 4 weeks taking our 17yr cat Maddie to the vet for daily fluid injections. Each day I would see these 2 kittens that they had in the waiting area. One day I finally asked and they said that they were found at a construction site. The vet nursed them back to health and they were trying to find them a good home. They prefererd that they went together. We have been wanting to get a small cat for Hal to play with and keep him company but have been worried about how our old cat will handle it.

Meet Dorie and Mason our 3month old kittens. Mason is the charcol black one and Dorie is the Grey one. Mason is very outgoing and loves to be held and petted. Dorie likes attention but is a little afraid of everything that moves.

We are still not sure what have got ourselves into and are just remembering what having a kitten is like around the house. Hal is a little mad about the whole thing and doesn't think these 2 kids are much fun but he is starting to warm up to them. Maddie doesn't really care about them and in fact thinks kitten foods is quite tastey.

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