Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Halloween stuff

We got our order from EFX-TEK that we placed at Hauntcon. We ordered a Prop-2 controller (16 outputs, 4x more code ROM), AP8 (60 sec Audio card with amplifier), RC4 (110v digital relay switch). They also threw in a Prop-1 controller with a bad switch and a Prop-1 Tester. We won a USB adaptor at one of their seminars and we already have a Prop-1 controller that we used for the Grave Digger last year.

I have already tested the audio card along with our Prop-1 Controller and some UV LED's that we are going to use for a new effect this year.

I am going to convert the Grave Digger over to using the new Prop-2 and maybe play some sound out of him too?

More to come soon....

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