Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Graveyard was robbed!

The hearse driver we setup on friday and then adjusted on Saturday was stolen early Sunday Morning. The display ran until 11:30pm and we went in the house about 12am. We were up till 1:30am. So sometime in the middle of the night someone jumped the fence on the JCB side of the house and grabed the driver seat and all and ran off with him. Nothing else was taken and no damage was done to the hearse or anything else.

The driver had a tophat, tails coat, tuxedo shirt and pants. He was tie-wraped to a piece of 2" pink foam shapped as a seat and then wraped in Faux leather. The seat was just sitting on the hearse and we had a couple of screws through his toes to hold his feet in place. It would have been easy to grab him since he wasn't secured

Other than finding out about this this morning and talking to the police, Yesterday was a great day. We had lots of vistors and we got the rest of the details up and running.


Lee said...

It's a sad world when you get things stolen when you just trying to entertain us. I wll keep my eyes open for you. From Me and my family, THANK YOU, for your gift of fright! Keep your spirit up. Oh, couldn't resist the pun.

Jeff & Chris said...

Thanks everyone! We appreciate your comments. We wanted to get the word out to see if anyone in the neighborhood spots it.

We are working on replacing the prop as soon as possible.

Oh, and better security in the yard!