Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back from FrighFest 2008

Well, I have to say even though our attendance was down and the schedule was pretty loose with not a lot of different things to learn, it was a great weekend.

Chris and I thank everyone for the interest in our video effects information. It was a challenge trying to figure out how to turn a 60min seminar into a 3 day event. But I think we did okay and filled in a bit with some graveyard decorating tips.

Our hats are off to Steve and his WONDERFUL movie theater display. My only disappointment was having to go home each night instead of camping so we could sit and watch at least one of the movies each night. Next year that will change.

Stacy and her snake charmer tent was fabulous! Of course her role as the ex-Pirate King and creator of “The Code” book just go to show how creative she can be. And don’t let her fool us with her reservation about public speaking she did an fantastic job an our new Pirate Kings ceremony. We also LOVEd the book making session. A lot of REAL creative stuff came out of that.

The Canadian’s (Dyanna, Corinne, Grant, et al) were as always a hoot! Loved to see you get your foot!

It was always fun to hang out with the Darkwing Manor crew and even though the d├ęcor was WAY down this year and we missed you in our neighborhood we tried to keep the area interesting for you.

It was also a blast to hang out next to the Scareaway Frights Pederson group. Loved the space alien costume Ross!

Thanks again for the music Chris. How do you know how to pick out those songs for all of us older generation folks I’ll never know. It seems like each song was something we all enjoyed. (maybe not the kids that crashed our dance?)

And of course Vern and Sue! How could we have FFNW without you. We are looking forward to lifting the stress off your shoulders for this event so you can be as involved as you want to be and not be so stressed out over the details.

To everyone else that we talked to or shared with us thanks for a great weekend. Here is to a great Halloween season and looking forward to next year’s FFNW (July 8-12 2009).

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