Monday, November 17, 2008

Our trip to the coast

Normally we always go to the Inn at Otter Crest for our anniversary right after Halloween. This year we waited a bit before taking off. And we painted the living room. We also weren't sure where we were going to stay. Turns out Otter Crest is closed until Jan 2009. So we had some gift certificates to Tolovana Inn at Cannon Beach so we booked a room on and headed out there Wednesday night. Just so happens that is when the heavy rain hit and they closed 101 North. We managed to make it there only driving through 1 foot of standing water on 26 just before the 101 merge. The road was clear to Cannon beach though. We had a heck of a time getting the lay of the land and finding out where everything was. We were so used to going to Lincoln City or Newport. It didn't' help that our room kitchen didn't have a frying pan or spatula. We hit the only restaurant in town that seemed to be open late and at a great meal. We liked it so much that Chris made reservations for her birthday dinner. We spent the 4 days watching movies, walking on the beach, checking out shops in town and generally relaxing. It was a good trip and we will probably come back that way again one of these years.

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