Monday, December 01, 2008

Frog (fog) Juice

Changed fog juice this year. Went to place my usual order at the Froggy's Fog Juice vendor table at HAuntCon last year and they introduced me to "swamp juice" - I used to get their standard product, which is way better than that crap they sell retail.

He said it would hang to the ground better and was much thicker. I worried a bit about that since I am on a very busy street and the day my display causes an accident, that will be my last year.

We used it this year and it was perfect. Along with the new fog chiller (when working) did a great job of keeping the fog low and rolling down the hill - creepy! Oh, that is when the timer for the fog machine worked :) I think we have that problem solved now too. (It is always something:)

The extra added bonus - that was noticed by a few people was the Sinister Scents fog juice additive. We mix Gothic and Rainforest together to get our graveyard smell.

All good, except for Froggy's - because the fog was so good, I only used half of what I usually do. So I won't need to buy any this year. But I have to stop by and talk to Adam and Chris about Washington Cabernet's...and frogs of course.

Details, details, details.

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ShellHawk said...

I used Froggy's Swamp Juice this year and the effect was fantastic! If it hadn't decided to get windy, it would have been perfect, but as Gilda Radner (and you) did say, "It's always something."
Maybe next year will be cool and still...