Friday, February 27, 2009

Theme to Halloween

Working on the "Easter egg" that we put on our haunt DVD each year is always a last minute idea that usually comes together quite nicely. This year, no exception.

We figured out the footage no problem, made some edits and then we had to find the music. We wanted something different than we normally use (although we love Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana) this year, as with our haunt video, we threw caution to the wind about copyright. Working often with artists, that is very hard for me to do. I am pretty anal about only using things that I have the rights to....I have this funny allergic reaction to lawsuits (some bad past life experiences.)

But, this year, with the home haunt, I finally gave in to husbands request to "loosen up." One of my favorite things husband did was create the "Ode to Halloween" video of our cat Hal (Halloween Cat.) The Ma Rainey song "Black Cat" is perfect, I like obscure songs that are under the radar - and that song is a good contrast to what we normally use.

We had already high jacked Christopher Walken for the video (not literally, take a lesson from Suicide Kings and never kidnap Mr. Walken), so when it came to score this year's Easter egg, we grabbed the theme from Halloween and the Shamrock jingle from the Halloween III movie and made this video.

It is very silly, but we made ourselves laugh, and that is the important part. It is like our video this year, made for us instead of worrying about awards and what the rest of the world thinks :)

I think I need to apply that philosophy to my yard. :)

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