Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Busy Labor Day Weekend

Despite the heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday we got a LOT done over the last big weekend before Halloween. Our good friend Dan dropped off a big tent we used to keep things dry and stay out of the rain between downpours.

We built 2 additional mud men for 2 people who couldn't make the workshop. With Chris and Ellysa helping it only took a couple of hours. But the weather was so damp and cold that we waited to paint them until Monday afternoon. One of our students stuck around all day Saturday and helped us paint stuff. She was great help! We finished painting them on Monday afternoon when it was dry.

We painted a lot of the props and finished them. Chris didn't like how the Angel monument looked with the short dress so we decided to add a leg coming out like she is kneeling on one knee. It took quite a bit for me to cut into that nice prop and mess it all up. But it will look good when it is done. We also finished the sword for her too.

Got a lot of technical projects done too. An animated skull, some devices to move the bushes, new UV painted footsteps and a few other projects off our list. Things are looking pretty good. We even had time to drag out all the tombstones and touch them up before setup this year!

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Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Now, what I really need is a a nap! Thanks to everyone for all their help!!