Sunday, October 04, 2009

Techincal weekend

We have been testing the technical side of the haunt for the last two nights. Good thing too. We found some problems that we forgot about from Halloween night last year :)

We have tested:

The opening coffin
The spider spinning the cocoon
The church ghost
The crypt ghosts (she had some issues - but she is all better now :)
The children ghost
The preacher coming out of the door ghost
As of today we are down a projector and an amp. We are using our back ups...but now we need new backups!!! Back to Ebay we go! :D

Tomorrow it is the talking head, spider and gravedigger.....and the big headache....the sound system.

Husband is sitting at his computer right now installing the operating system for the new computer to control the sound....cause the one we were going to use did not work when we plugged it in this afternoon. :)

That is why we have a test weekend :)

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