Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ruined Abbey Started

We spent the entire 4 day weekend working on the Abbey.  We bought the materials for the front and right sight on Friday and began building panels Saturday.  We continued on Sunday and finished on Monday.  On Tuesday we set part of it up and drew out the lower level brickwork.  We just need to make the other half's panels and finish drawing all the brickwork.  Then we carve and shape the stone and add all the accents.  Then paint the whole thing black and then detail paint it.  Should be done by September.


Count Von Abbittstein said...

Jeff/Chris, So now you have two facade's, where do you store all those foam panels? Amazing work BTW!

Ghoulie Girls said...

I'll have whatever you're having! You two have such energy - can't believe how fast this is taking shape :)

Pam Morris said...

this is really gonna' look good!