Monday, October 24, 2005

It works!

This photo doesn't do it justice but our new effect for Halloween this year worked out GREAT! Take one used LCD projector. Use a digital video camera to film your friend lip-syncing to a scary message. Carve a head out of foam and create a pedestal for it. Burn a DVD with your friend and the scary message. Next thing you know it’s just like being at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion!


Antipaladin said...

"..carve a head out of foam." he says. How about, "Cut a bunch of foam and glue it together to make a brick. Wait three weeks, discover glue is still not cured. Pry foam apart, scrape off glue. Cut out basic silhouette on band saw. Reglue using aerosol wonder glue. Observe said glue eating foam. Cry. Begin carving anway. Notice looming possibility of catasrophic failure of solvent-induced bonding of foam while carving. Cry some more. Get better glue. Celebrate correct function of glue #3. Continue to fake it. Pray noone else notices.

Antipaladin said...

...forgot my end-quote. I should be banished to the Hell of Microwaved-Pizza-in-Tinfoil for that.
Thank the gods for the chinese and their abundance of hells.

Jeff & Chris said...

Details, details, details. We have a foam head don't we? White, round head shape out of foam...yep looks like it.

At least we didn't try to carve a oversized replica of Quins head?

Antipaladin said...

we could've just spackled a beachball for that. much easier. ;)

BigHeadBob said...

Listen. I've only got a couple of basic rules to live by, and one of them is (when insulting someone anyway):
Let the easy ones go.
Poking fun at the size of someones obviously freakishly large pumpkin just isn't sportsman-like.
If you insist on beating the obvious to death, try a one-two combination, like: If we spackled a beach ball (or a large balloon) it would have been easier to match-up with Quin's Casper-the-friendly-Ghost melon... ...rather than attempting to give him Some human-like qualities...