Sunday, June 17, 2007

Halloween Progress

Things are moving slow in the halloween department. We have a lot of smaller projects this year and a few more technical ones.

I have been spending my time working on a new automated special effect using some prop controlers and other assorted electronics. It is going slow but I almost have it completed.

I have been doing a lot of research on how we are going to do the animated talking skeleton that will be sitting on our hearse this year. I think I finally decided on a method and there is a lot of support on the web with examples of how other people did it. Now I have to actually get started on it.

We have several new video projection projects. Some of them are just revamping the ones we did last year but we are also going to and 2 new ones. One of them is part of the automated special effect I metioned earlier. The other is going to replace the mechanical ghost in the shop window.

I am also going to be improving the grave digger just a bit this year and moving him to a new spot.

The Secret Garden Tour which we are in again this year was moved from mid May to June 30th. This has caused our halloween progress to slow while we prepare for this event. We are also attending Fright Fest Northwest this year and bringing a lot of our display. FFNW is July 13-15. We will also have to prepare for that too. So we really won't be in full swing with halloween until almost the end of July. This is a much smaller timeframe than we are used to but with the lack of big projects and the smaller ones we should be able to get everything done we are planning...

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