Sunday, June 24, 2007

Halloween stuff

I built a couple of coffins for the smallest skeleton they call Mr. Thrifty. The first one was out of 1x3's but was too bulky and heavy. The second one I did today was out of lath slats. It looks a lot better and is very lightweight.

Not sure what they are for yet. Probably just decoration or maybe to sell?

I bet you can't figure out what this mess is? It is all the components for a new effect we are doing this year. It is based on the programable controller from EFX-TEK. The other components include a sound module, 16 port extender, Audio Relay switch and a 12VDC solenoid.

Here is what will happen.
1. A bit of video will be displayed with an audio trigger towards the end of the video
2. The sound relay will trigger when the audio is heard on the video
3. The controller that is in a wait state for a trigger will start it's program which does the following:
a. Play a footstep sound 12 times
b. Play a footsetp sound and light a UV light (which will iluminated glowing footsteps)
c. Trigger a solenoid 10 times rapidly
4. The controller will go back to waiting for a trigger again.
5. The video will have a build in delay before it loops back again.

I just need to mount the components and create the permenent wiring. The program is already written and everything has been tested individually now I just need to hook it all up and make sure it works.

I have been working on doing an animated skull this year. I have experimented with several different ideas on how to do the mechanics but just can't settle on the right one yet. I do like the nylon ball I am using to pivit the head. It moves very smothly.

I like the way I did the hinged jaw it works really good.

I am still playing with how the head is going to be moved. I am toying with a cable system right now but it is too soon to tell if it will work.

I am also working on a small mud guy lamp. Another decoration or something to sell?

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