Monday, September 10, 2007

Busy work weekend

We rolled up or sleaves and dug into the remaining halloween projects this weekend. We had a bunch of helpers come by and give us a hand. Thanks to Joe, Macy, Preston, and Max. We had our normal crew here for once and even Jason came over on Sunday.

Got 3 mud man frames made and got 2 of them mudded.

We mudded the mausoleum columns using sheets. We are hoping this makes them more sturdy and last through the weather.

Finished the 2nd cathedral frieze for the alcoves. This one is a guard standing with a spear.

Finished the new stand for the bust and a tall and monument and a large grave marker. The monument is going to have an urn on top that we had to make a lid for.

Did a bunch of detail work on the hearse. Got the trim made for around the roof. Finished covering the driver section. Made and painted the brass rails. We also found a great materil for the banding around the wheels. We used some of that flexible garden edging. Ripped it down to 2" and cut it to fit round and glued it. Looks great and is lightweight.

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