Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's hard not to laugh (..or hiss..or run away)

Our Mason kitten (well, if you can call 11 lbs at 7 months old a kitten) had to have surgery on his eyes today. He came home sporting a spiffy cone around his head!

All of his everyday tasks, including eating, drinking, walking and sleeping, have all become a source of amusement. (thunk, thunk...)

It makes eating and drinking ...difficult, or funny, depending on your point of view. I do believe he has pushed a dish of food from one end of the kitchen to another....he might have gotten 3 bites!

Dorie, his sister believes he is an alien....she hisses and growls at him and Hal won't go near him.(Can cats have self esteem issues.....if so, he is going to need therapy after this!)

It does not end there....watching him try to sleep on Jeff''s lap is sad and funny - I am sure he will get some sleep when he finally passes out from exhaustion.

He hasn't tried the stairs yet, that should be fun!

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