Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nothing new

The Blog has been pretty quiet for the past 2 months. We had a nice thanksgiving and christmas. We stayed in town through all of the holidays but spent them at other peoples house so our place was pretty calm. We did the normal decorating both inside and outside. Nothing special just Calvin & Hobbes outside and the tree inside. We also put the Grim Reaper with the Scrooge tombstone back up in the yard too. I am still amazed at how many people stop by and take a picture of Calvin & Hobbes.

Gift giving this year was pretty simple as we try to simplify our lives a little and get used to me being self employed. We got each other both some stuff we wanted. Chris got some DVD's and I got some computer games.

I did get a book of Scott Poole's poetry which is very unlike me. But I do love his way with words and he may the only poet that I can actually relate to. The book is called "Hiding from Salesmen"

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