Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We have wine!

On Friday Dec 7th we went to Vino's after work for a Champagne tasting. There was someone there selling raffle tickets at $5 ea for the Portland Rotary. The first prize was 60 bottles of wine (5 cases) so we bought 2 tickets. Two weeks later we get a call letting us know that one of our tickets was draw for the first place prize. We called Bruce (the owner of Vino's) and he put together a nice selection from his shop that we came over and picked up. Now we need to share with our friends.
Check out Vino's at and be sure to sign up for his newsletter which is a hoot!
You can also check out Bruce's blog about food and wine and other silly stuff at


YamFu said...
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YamFu said...

When's the next wino party?