Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back from Utah!

We just got back from a road trip to Provo Utah. To hang out with fellow haunters from the Rocky Mountain Haunters Gathering. We gave our Video Effects presentation to a very eager crowd. We also got to hang out with the Jon and John from EFX-TEK and of course buy more of their products.

The trip began on Thursday when we drove to Pendleton Thursday after work. We got up early the next morning and headed to Provo. We got to the hotel about 5:30pm (PST) forgot about the time change so by the time we made it over to the dinner at Paul's house (with 70 other people) it was 7pm (MT).

The next morning we got up and met the group at the Pavilion early. It was cold and rainy be we made the best of it. Our seminar was at 3pm and we were allowed to use a stage area inside the Church (did I mention that the pavilion we held this at was on a LDS church lot?). We were able to project our Power point presentation and show the video effects as well as film all in that area. We took off for dinner and the hotel around 7pm but there were people working on props after 9pm.

We hung out with some new friends and a few old ones at the hotel and had a good time.

Sunday morning we got up with regret and headed to Melisa's house where she had set up a great area for EFX-TEK to do their presentations. After that we headed to Castle of Chaos were we were given a tour.
We left for home after the tour about 3pm. We headed to Ontario Oregon where we stopped for the night. We slept in and then headed to La Grande to meet our new friends who do a haunt at the Historic Union Hotel in Union Oregon. We got to tour their haunt and then have lunch with Jeri and Jay Mackley that put on the haunt. We then headed back to Portland and got in at a decent hour. Chris would LOVE to mention the time about 12 mile before the Dalles when I noticed that the gas gauge was on the red line and we did a little cosmic mediation so we would NOT run out of gas on the freeway and have to wait hours for someone to come get us. Fortunately we made it and were able to get gas and continue on our way. So that is why I wouldn't have mentioned it. But Chris probably wants to say it was a VERY stressful couple of minutes.
We are glad to be back and look forward to our Halloween projects we have planned for this year.

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