Monday, June 30, 2008

What have we been doing

Well, we have been working as hard as we can on our how-to book. Every free weekend we have we have been building the props that are going to be in our book. Not only just building the props but building them in various stages and taking pictures of them. Our friend Marci has been very generous with her time and offered to help us take pictures of everything for the book.

This past 100 degree weekend we made a monster mud guy and a angel monument. We took advantage of the heat and built both of these props so they would dry fast. It was a lot of work for just the 2 of us and Marci taking pictures.

Here is a VERY rare shot of us working together. You don't see this very often.

It's usually more like this...
She does her thing I do mine. Teamwork!

So far the book has 9 projects

Mud Monk
Columns and fencing
Corpse and Cage
Animated Ghost

We have made and photographed almost everything except the Mausoleum which should be done soon.

These are what the book photos look like...boring huh?

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YamFu said...

Hee hee...look at you two workin' away together. :-)