Monday, October 12, 2009

Davis Graveyard Dancers - 2009

Sorry to miss a day on the countdown...but yesterday was our Open House and we were busy!!

Pictures to follow, but here is a video of the new dance routine from the Milwaukie High School Pony Prancers. This year they got one of their coaches to dance the Micheal Jackson part. It was a show stopper!! You cannot hear it this edit....but the applause at the end was deafening :D

We had great weather and a great turn out. Thanks again to the Milwaukie Dance Team. They will be back Halloween night!


Pam Morris said...

very cool! really enjoyed watching these guys--and they couldn't have had a better setting!!!

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Wish we could have made it.

Anonymous said...

OOO! I love it! They're really good.