Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mud-o-Vision upgrade

We are going to put a LCD panel into our old Mud-o-Vision prop so we can display color and to upgrade the electronics.   We pulled the old BW TV out of his head and began the process of building a new housing for the LCD panel.

This is Mud-o-Vision with his head blown apart.


Mark Faucett said...

What does the Mud-O-Vision play or do?

FoolishCop said...

I think this shows how much LCD's have really tumbled in price when we can now afford to put them in our props! ;>

I remember my first LCD TV cost a small fortune. Nowadays, you can pretty much pick them up at the local 7-Eleven. Of course, you're using a monitor (?) and not a TV, but the point remains.

Hey, even our props have to have the latest electronica!


Bemused Artificer said...

Senor Jeff correct me if i'm wrong here.
Mud-O-Vision in it's previous incarnation played trailers and clips of classic monster movies - Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf etc...
Mud-O-Vision 2.0 will have the LCD mounted on its on one of the short edges standing upright making it taller than it is wide ( basically turning it 90 degrees.)
This will allow for some flexibility in what's being displayed that the previous CRT didn't have.

Jeff said...

The "Mud-o-Vision" name came from the idea of putting a Television in the head of one of our Monster Mud Creatures. The idea was inspired from the ghost of Christmas future from the movie Scrooged. The original design was a B/W 12" TV in the head with a wireless TV Receiver and a tiny transmitter and camera in its chest. The wireless stuff never worked well so we stripped it out and put a digital video player using a SD memory card in him. This year we are replacing the old B/W tube with a LCD screen from a 15" PC monitor turned on its side. It will give us color and also make the electronics simpler. We are also relocating the controls to the player so we easily get at them.