Friday, April 25, 2008

HAuNTcon Day 3

We boarded our bus after we checked out of the French Market Inn. We drove to the Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 the oldest above ground cemetery in New Orleans. We walked around for a bit and took some amazing pictures.

We then hopped on the bus and drove to the Haunted Mortuary and had lunch. This was one of the more impressive buildings for a haunted house. Very high tech with lots of potential. They showed a video effect on a CO2 fog wall that was amazing. Their control room for their cameras and audio was like something out of a movie studio. (No surprise to learn that their day jobs were AV professionals.)

We drove to the airport and flew to Houston. We checked into our hotel and then got ready to go to the Nightmare on the Bayou a 3-D haunt. (Not a haunt for those with Coulrophobia!) We ate dinner in their party room and toured the very large Party Boy store (they had a great costume rental company upstairs.) We headed back to the hotel and had some drinks with fellow haunters (including our friends from Texas) until late into the night. Heard a lot of good advice given about running haunts, that we will probably (don't want to jinx myself) never use - but we love hearing the stories!

Looking forward to our first official Hauntcon day and our seminar in the afternoon.

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