Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jeff & Chris' school of drywalling

Our friend Nick came over one Saturday and helped us hang and mud these 2 walls. We had to put up the insulation first which was very itchy and not a lot of fun with resperators on a hot day. Nick wanted some experience with dry wall so we tried to give him as much as we could . It worked out pretty well. We had to shim a few of the walls because the old 2x4 studs were off by 1/2 inch. I also had a lot of fun with the rotozip to cut out the outlet holes. I think a knife/saw would be more efficient or at least cleaner. Thanks to Nick for all his hard work. It turned out pretty good.

We finished this side wall on another day. We still need to get the mud on it. We need to do the ceiling next and then we are ready for the cabinets to get built and installed.


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