Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No more post in the middle of the shop

When we first remodeled the shop we used 4 10 foot 4x12 beams held up with posts down the center of the shop. The Shop is 40 feet deep. The first 20 feet we use as a 2 car garage the back 20 feet is the woodshop. I had always had a post in the middle of the shop floor supporting the 2 10 foot beams. When we repoured the shop floor I decided to remove the post but in order to do so we needed not only a longer beam but a more sturdy one too. I purchased a 5x12 gluelam beam. This weighed several hundred pounds. We had to build a temporary wall to jack the floor up and then take the two old beams down and then lift the new beam up into place.

Thanks to Quin and Jason that Friday for all their hard work and team effort. Also thanks to my Dad for lending me his wall jacks and suggesting them. With some final pounds of a sledge hammer we were able to get this bad boy into place. It sure looks different in the woodshop to see a bare floor.

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BigHeadBob said...

Shoulda mentioned the use of your grandpa's giant antique c-clamp to seat the one end. Very cool!