Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Roof, Chiminy, and Paint, Oh my!

I barely recongnize this house! After months of finding contractors to give us bids, deciding which one was best, and making sure they show up, we finally got our long overdue house improvements done.

The chiminy had to be rebuilt from the roof up. We tore all the house eating ivy off first (not fun!). Our roofer (note: one guy) then took a month to roof it. Very nice job, but since he lives down the street he couldn't really do a bad one. Then the painters were next. Boy that was fun. Show up one day then don't see them for a week. It was the rest of the summer before we finally got it done. Or at least we hope so.

Oh yeah, since our gutters were mostly rusted out. We tore them off (thanks Jason). I called the guys to install new gutters and they were done in a day. Nice red matching metal gutters.


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YamFu said...

My pleasure! Thanks for helping me with my electrical blunder. :-)