Monday, September 26, 2005

Halloween Prep in full swing

Well the tombstones were dragged out and lightened up this year so they are easier to see at night. Sort of looks like the lawn is littered with tombstones?

The "mud men" were lined up for their annual painting and repair work. Its starting to feel a lot like .... halloweeen!

We are trying something new with the mausoleum columns this year. Here is a sneek peak of the work in progress. Thanks to Chris for his artistic creativity.


Antipaladin said...

That's the other 'Chris'- sometimes known as 'toph', previously mentioned as 'Mr. R'- not the art director of the female persuasion.

Just a point of clarification, in case someone gets the impression that the author is mixing up his pronouns again.

Jeff & Chris said...

I think the "his" made that pretty clear?

Is somone worried about not getting their credit?

Antipaladin said...

I'm just pointing it out for the uninitiated, or any of the author's friends who are not personally familiar with 'his' personage or 'his' work.

Oh, and I was just looking for an excuse to mess with you.
My work speaks for itself. ;)